Importing and exporting organic food

27th September 2021

Defra have issued new guidance on the rules for trading organic food.

The guidance has been amended to reflect that a hard (paper) copy of the Certificate of Inspection (COI) is no longer required and the pdf will be acceptable.

In the zip file that is available for download from this page are:

  • Extract of GB Certificate of Inspection notes 20201209
  • GB Certificate of Inspection explanatory notes 20201209
  • Great Britain's Certificate of Inspection 20201221
  • Extract of the GB certificate of Inspection 20201223
  • Importing Organics into GB FAQs 20210927
  • Step by step guidance for GB imports from third countries 20210924


Our note on Defra's previous guidance (created October 2020 & updated Ddecember 2020) is still available to read at: Importing organic products from third countries into Great Britain at the end of the transition period