Pasture for Life

PFL Inspection and Certification

OF&G have been working with
the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA)
to help support and develop their standards
and we are now undertaking their certification
in partnership with and in support of the PFL team.

We believe that in the 21st Century messaging for us all is about coming together, working together and recognising strengths within UK food and farming.

We are keen to demonstrate that there are areas that we can work together on, where there is strong agreement and look at how we can work collaboratively to take the agricultural sector forward in the areas of public health, public goods and climate change.

The PFLA in conjunction with OF&G, can help provide very good working examples of how food networks (from producers to abattoirs and butchers) can engage with consumers with clear, focused messaging while supporting business viability and increasing environmental sustainability.

This includes ways to encourage businesses to look positively at PFL certification, and for them to see this alongside organic as valued and valuable.


To find out more please contact OF&G at 01939 291800 or write to us at