GB Organics Regulatory Review 2024

29th January 2024

Defra is conducting a Targeted Stakeholder Feedback exercise linked to the Regulatory Review of the current retained GB Organic Regulation following our exit from the EU.

The review will provide stakeholders with the opportunity to provide feedback on the retained regulations.

As the changes made to the definitions and production rules directly impact organic businesses, Defra would like to take the opportunity to seek feedback from Control Bodies, Industry Groups and organic businesses directly; before inviting wider comments on the draft regulations as part of a public consultation.

This will not be the only opportunity to provide comments on the production rules and definitions. However, your feedback at this stage will help to identify areas of the regulations to retain or change and will help to shape how the production rules and definitions are developed.

Defra kindly request that any feedback is specific and meaningful. This means providing comments on specific articles of the regulations, providing clear suggestions or workable solutions, rather than simply saying something does not work, needs to change, or is missing. They are looking for your insights into:

  • Areas of the regulations which should continue to apply as currently captured.
  • Areas for which specific rules or guidance are missing from the regulations.
  • Areas of the regulations that could be strengthened and/or streamlined.
  • Areas of the regulations that could be removed from the regulations and put into guidance documents and/or on

Feedback must be recieved by Defra
before midnight 11 February 2024.

Defra have published an information note with further details:

231206 Information note GB Reg Review Targeted Stakeholder Feedback exercise

If you have any questions, please email the Defra Organics Team at

Please send your feedback to using the templates:

TSF exercise Articles feedback template

TSF Exercise Annexes feedback template


You may wish to read parts of
the OF&G Organic Standards & Certification Manual
- all sections are free to download.