Viscofol Black, Leomin Super, Leomin, HumiMax
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Viscofol Black is a new Humic acid product from Global Crop Improvement Company (GCiC) which has unique properties. The product is ideal for early root development and crop establishment, to help out-compete early weed growth.

It is a high-load product containing 20.5% Humic acid + 4.5% Fulvic acid. The product is naturally extracted from high-grade Leonardite by a micronisation & pressure technique. This natural process results in a product with micro-particle size which is ideal for uptake by the crop leaf as well as the soil, giving a growth-stimulant effect.

The product can be foliar or soil applied, as a seed treatment, soil and compost additive, and can be added to Compost Tea. The high Fulvic acid content gives instant growth stimulation, while the Humic acid is slowly broken down and released over the growing season.

Even application rates as low as 1.0 l/ha have shown substantial yield increases.