Batmaster Liquid
67C Dukesway,
Teesside Industrial Estate,
TS17 9LT

BatMaster Organic Liquid Plant and Horticultural Food is a simple, effective feed, soil conditioner and natural pest repellent.

Contains Bat Guano. With organic content of 25% it increases the amount of organic matter in the soil and naturally improves plants' strength and resistance to diseases.

Contains a high level organominerals for rich soil promotion and humic/fulvic acid to strengthen the plant root structure and assist nutrient uptake.

Assists soil water retention and air circulation, increasing porosity in clay soils.

Leaves no residue in the plant or fruit and does not burn the plant in overdose.

For use on roots and foliage, for germination, propagation, transplanting, growth, mature plants, fruit crops and turf application.

Suitable for crops on soil, coco and hydro systems.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1Lt and 20Lt bottles. Economy sizes for larger use are also provided to agricultural large-scale production, please contact