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SlurryForSoil (S4S®) is an effective slurry inoculum, scientifically-proven to retain nutrients, improve grass growth and lower emissions. Trials also indicate S4S® improves soil health.  S4S® contains four enzymes as well as 18 different plant growth promoting bacteria and fungi.The enzymes kick-start the break-down of slurry, before bacteria and fungi start metabolising and producing their own. The complex blend of microbes has been carefully chosen for their complementary abilities. They all mobilise nutrients and micro-nutrients. Many have also been shown to control pathogens and diseases, predominantly by stimulating the plant hosts’ own defence mechanisms, and some are known to control pests such as nematodes, molluscs and insects.  As a result, S4S® does far more than make the handling and application of slurry easier and quicker. On-farm trials show it leads to higher grass yields and improved grass quality as well as better drought, cold and heat-stress tolerance.