SiloSolve MC
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Charnham Park,
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SiloSolve® MC is lactic acid bacteria based silage inoculant that can be applied during forage harvest to direct and speed up the fermentation at anaerobic storage. It is specifically designed for moist and protein rich forages such as grass, grass-legume mixes, and alfalfa, that are typically difficult to ferment and prone to clostridial fermentation with a subsequent breakdown of protein. SiloSolve® MC consists of live, freeze dried bacteria balanced with an organic maltodextrin carrier. It is applied as an aqueous solution at only 2 g/treated ton of forage as the forage is being harvested. When applied according to the label, SiloSolve® MC enhances the fermentation and brings the silage into a steady state of low pH unfavourable to spoilage organism. The unique formulation of strains ensures a strong inhibition of clostridial fermentation and prevents excessive protein degradation, helping preserve the nutrient value of the forage