SiloSolve FC
2 Tealgate,
Charnham Park,
RG17 0YT

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SiloSolve® FC is lactic acid bacteria based silage inoculant that can be applied during forage harvest to direct and speed up the fermentation at anaerobic storage. In addition it enables prolonged stability at aerobic exposure during feed out of the silage. With its unique Oxycap® Technology, it provides the flexibility to access silage after as short as one week of fermentation. It is specifically designed for any crop that is prone to aerobic spoilage - or any crop that will be fed out fast due to inventory shortages. SiloSolve® FC consists of live, freeze dried bacteria balanced with an organic maltodextrin carrier. It is applied as an aqueous solution at only 2 g/treated ton of forage as the forage is being harvested. When applied according to the label, SiloSolve® FC enhances the fermentation and ensures protection against aerobic spoilage from yeast and moulds.