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QUANTIS is a naturally derived biostimulant incorporating a combination of organic carbons, potassium, calcium and energy source carbohydrates, in the form of sugars and amino acids, that contribute to mitigating drought and heat stresses on the plant.

The combination of these different compounds, at the optimum ratio to each other, support the plant against abiotic stress through key phases of plant development, to ultimately protect yield and quality.

The naturally derived compounds in QUANTIS act directly as anti-oxidants and an osmoprotectant, to counter the adverse effects of stress on plant cells. QUANTIS proactively triggers the plants own cellular processes, to help maintain the necessary turgor pressure of fluid in the plant structure and to counteract oxidative stress. This enables the plant to continue active and efficient photosynthesis, to maintain production of proteins specifically for growth and development – the key driver of yield and quality.