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Since it’s been reported that there’s only 30-35 years left of phosphate available to use in agricultural soils, mycorrhizal is useful in areas of drought stress, including Africa, South America and essentially across the globe due to climate change and soil degradation.

The high-quality mycorrhizal fungi in a seaweed formulation provides various benefits to farmers, including phosphate solubilisation and uptake, drought resistance, achieved by the greater reach through the bulk soil of the fungal partner, along with the following:

1) Less amount per application needed due to high concentration of spores/g;

2) 100% soluble, thus easy to apply together with liquid formulation products;

3) high colonisation speed;

4) Functional carrier – seaweed is a natural plant fertiliser providing extra micronutrients to the plants, increasing water and nutrients absorption as well as stimulating plant growth and survival during stress conditions

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