Horti 2
Unit 930,
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HORTI 2: For all stages of nursery propagation and OEM derivatives

The most effective and economic time to introduce beneficial soil microbiology is during propagation. The mycorrhizal propagules  in RGPRO HORTI 2 will colonise the growing roots and the life long mutualistic symbiosis will establish between plant and fungi. The granular product can be added in the potting mixes at any stage of propagation by simply mixed into the substrate, or introduced as a layer below the plant. RGPRO HORTI 2 contains a mix of beneficial mycorrhizal fungal species with added plant derived amino acids that will help them to accelerate the root colonisation process. The product is specifically designed for use with nursery grown plants and can be used at any stage of propagation. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) associate with 90% of all crop plants. By growing into the root, as well as accessing large areas of soil around the plant, these remarkable fungi effectively increase the uptake surface area of plant roots up to 700 times. Additionally plant defence mechanisms are improved by the partnership. Put simply, plants colonised by AMF are healthier and significantly more efficient at collecting water and nutrients from the soil.