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Ferric phosphate is an elemental salt whose components (iron and phosphorous) are ubiquitous in the environment and are also essential for animal and plant function.Iron and phosphorus which make up ferric phosphate are minerals which are essential to the metabolism of plants and animals including humans.Ferric Phosphate is widely accepted for possible use as a nutrient dietary supplement in food.Ferric phosphate as low solubility and bioavailability which result in very low toxicity.

Ferric phosphate pellets are applied to the soil to control slugs and snails before or after emergence of agricultural crops, horticultural crops of plants grown in home garden situations. When ingested, it acts by contact and stomach action. Ferric phosphate accumulates in the calcium spherules of the digestive gland of terrestrial slugs and snails, where it interferes with their calcium metabolism. This is turn disrupts feeding and mucus production and ultimately results in mortality.