Ferrex, also known as TurboDisque, Limafer and TurboPads. Ferrex Garden, also known as TurboDisque Garden, TurboPads Garden and Limafer Garden.
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FERREX® is the slug-bait product innovation based on the natural active ingredient FERRIC-III-PHOSPHATE for the successful control of slugs in agricultural as well as in home and garden sectors, i.e. in arable farming and in the cultivation of hops, vegetables, fruit and horticultural crops in open fields as well as under glass.

FERREX® not only protects plants more effectively than comparable products; it is also harmless to plants, human beings, beneficial insects, livestock and pets (e.g. dogs and cats) when applied according to the label.

The environmentally friendly and effective action of FERREX® significantly minimises damage caused by pests for the long term and thereby contributes towards sustainable agriculture. In this way FERREX® promotes a natural balance on the land being cultivated.

No dust formation during application; herewith providing high safety for the user and the environment. No hazard for bees, insects, pets or farm animals.