Pink Salt Flakes
Hub Industrial Trading Estate,
90250 Pakistan

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Pink salt flakes are a distinctive product made from pink Himalayan salt. The pink colour of Himalayan salt helps to differentiate it from other salts and makes it a well-known salt. For the manufacturing of pink flakes, pink Himalayan salt and water are combined to make brine. The brine is distributed out on big pans to let the water evaporate before being properly crystallised. Slowly and gradually, the brine transforms into crystals. When the brine has crystallised, the flakes are hand-selected to make sure that only properly formed, light pink-coloured flakes are chosen. The flakes have a very distinct and strong flavour on the palate and lack the little bitterness that most table salts have. Pink flakes are the ideal seasoning choice for the preparation of all gourmet foods and can be used as a finishing salt to give the food a very subtle but exquisite flavour.


Because of the minerals present in this salt, it provides a wide range of medical and nutritional benefits.

- It helps with body functions like promoting balanced pH levels and electrolytes and helping to reduce acid reflux.

- It helps with lowering blood pressure and regulating blood sugar in your body.

- It helps in improving the respiratory system.

- The minerals in salt help prevent oxidation in skin cells by eradicating free radicals, making your skin appear fresher and more vivid.

- It aids in proper metabolic functioning.

- It strengthens bones and prevents muscle cramping.

- It promotes deeper, more peaceful sleep.