Fleur De Sel (Pink)
Hub Industrial Trading Estate,
90250 Pakistan

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Fleur de sel salt is a French word that translates to the flower of salt. Pink Fleur de sel is produced by evaporating water from a brine of pink Himalayan salt, leaving behind a thin film of salt on the surface. After that, this layer is delicately removed using sieves so as not to damage the manufactured thin flakes. They have a rare, flaky, and distinct texture when compared to other salts and are used as a finishing salt, adding crunch to gourmet food when sprinkled on top.


- It is used in small amounts because of its saltier flavour, which results in a lower sodium intake.

- It lowers blood pressure.

- It lowers the risk of heart disease.

- It is non-toxic and not harmful to use.

- It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

- It can help prevent cavities.

- It improves digestion and overall health.