Sovereign Sulphur
8 Cromwell Mews,
Station Road,
St Ives,
PE27 5HJ

Sovereign Sulphur, the Gold Standard In Sulphur Nutrition

Our product is a unique granular formulation containing 90% Elemental Sulphur (225% S03) and 10% Bentonite Clay. Sovereign Sulphur gives season long sulphur nutrition when applied during late autumn or the winter months. Thanks to its granular formulation not only does it break down with rainfall, converting to plant-useable sulphate as soils warm up in spring, it is also easier to spread using a conventional fertiliser spreader. There are many benefits of choosing to use Sovereign Sulphur for your complete sulphur nutrition needs, including the following: low application rates mean that this is an extremely cost-effective product for use on arable crops and grassland. Additionally, this product has a residual effect which means that the levels of sulphur will build up over time and it can also be used to reduce the pH of alkaline soils when applied at very high rates.