Solabiol Top Lawn Plus
Ground Floor,
Hyperion House,
Fordham Road,

Solabiol Top Lawn Plus is an organo-mineral fertiliser used primarily for use in the home and garden as a lawn feed. It has a nutrient content of NPK 8-4-3 and also provides added sulphur and magnesium nutrients to help promote strong healthy growth and great looking lawns. When applied a fast green up time can be observed. Solabiol Top Lawn plus can be used on all types of grasses as well as young and well-established lawns. The organic granules also provide long term fertilising as the granules will stay in the soil for longer than many non-organic fertilisers, therefore feeding can last for up to 100 days. Application can either be made by hand or by spreader, settings can be found on the Solabiol website at