Via Candeias,
s/n - BA 522 - km 06 - Galpão A Distrito Industrial,
CIA Norte,
City Candeias,
43813-000 Brazil

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PRIMAZ® is made up of 100% Lithothamnium, a fossilized seaweed that combines minerals and amino acids with quick action and easy assimilation. Its physical structure interacts very quickly with the soil and the root emission zone, stimulating radicular growth. Significant impact observed on the crop health and the production.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Productivity, Vigour and growth, Nutrient assimilation, Radicular development, Cost benefit and Added value to production.

FAST RESULT: Its mineral composition interacts very quickly with the root emission zone, stimulating radicular growth. VALUE ADD: PRIMAZ® delivers superior yield and quality STRENGTH AND GROWTH: Nutrition beyond the essentials, ensuring vigour from planting to harvest and resilience for the crops.

Primaz benefits:

Quality nutrition, fast-acting and easy to assimilate

Biostimulation, growth and vigor

Boosts productivity

Strength and protection from root to harvest, impacting the entire cycle Natural, sustainable, renewable