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PoliSulMag® is a granulated mineral fertilizer that contains magnesium and sulfur, enriched with potassium. This fertilizer is intended for use on all types of soils, particularly recommended for soils with low magnesium content. PoliSulMag® supports plant physiological processes, influences the regulation of photosynthesis by intensifying it, has a positive effect on the transport and accumulation of phosphorus in seeds, and stimulates the development of the root system. It is an essential supplement of micro and macroelements required for proper plant growth and improved crop quality. The balanced combination of sulfur and magnesium in PoliSulMag®, as a complement to nitrogen fertilization, allows for the effective utilization of this nutrient by cultivated plants. The high solubility of PoliSulMag®, combined with an extended release period of nutrients from Polyhalite, ensures the even delivery of nutrients tailored to the nutritional requirements.