Nant yr Ochain,
Michaelston y Fedw,

A powerful non-toxic organic electrolyte, AminoA FULVAAC can provide a multitude of benefits to both soil and plant. It enhances cell division and elongation, and root growth is magnified with obvious benefits.

As a foliar spray, fulvic acid increases the plant’s oxygen uptake capacity with an associated increase in chlorophyl production and an increase in the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients.

It is a potent, natural chelating agent, slowing oxidation and converting metallic elements into readily absorbable, bio-available nutrition with very small molecular size. Its unique ability to dissolve minerals and trace elements allows fulvic-chelated minerals rapid entry through plant cells.

It can interact with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis, which can be particularly valuable during prolonged cloudy periods, and can absorb a part of the harmful UV radiation. This property is also used to delay decomposition of UV unstable active substances such as Pyrethrum.