Liquid seaweed soil and plant conditioner
Unit 13,
East Devon Business Park,
EX14 9RL

This product will improve foliage, stem, and flower growth. It contains minerals essential for plant structure, signalling, photosynthesis, protein synthesis, enzyme activation, physiological processes, respiration, and hormone regulation. Below ground conditions are improved by the naturally occurring sugars in seaweed. Alginate is a sugar which binds soil molecules together improving structure, increasing porosity, aeration and reducing soil erosion. it also has water absorbing properties increasing water retention improving plant and soil resistance to drought. Alginate provides a carbon source for microorganisms within the soil, encouraging the natural sequestration of nitrogen. Mannitol can improve stress resilience in plants because of its function as an osmotic regulator in kelp. Calcium in the conditioner balances the pH of the soil. Spraying has shown to reduce black fly presence on plants.