Ecoworm Humate (Growth Stimulant)
Unit A82,
James Carter Road,
IP28 7DE

Ecoworm is an organic producer of concentrated fertilisers specialising in using the latest technology to extract naturally pure liquid humic substances from earthworm vermicompost. Ecoworm Humate feeds plants and soil micro-organisms, enriching soil with humic and fulvic acids, as well as plant growth enzymes. It also consists of macro and micro nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural antibiotics, 18 amino acids, and beneficial soil bacteria. Ecoworm Humate captures a wide spectre of nutrients which come from fertilisers, and stores them until the plant is ready to take them up. It also unlocks many nutrients previously unavailable for plants. In addition, Ecoworm Humate improves soil structure, increases water retention capability and natural plant resistance to pests and diseases, creates best conditions for beneficial micro-organisms to thrive and stimulates germination, plant growth, and crop yield.

Soil extract is soluble in water for easier, economical application and faster effect.