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Bridgeway - Smart protection. Reduce risk and release potential

Increasing the resilience of crops to climate change and unlocking the genetic potential of plants are the two most challenging areas of crop production and driving growing use of a new era of smart protection - Biostimulants. Bridgeway is an amino acid biostimulant designed to help crops reach their genetic yield potential and reduce the impact of abiotic stress, by improving plant health. Feeding a crop Bridgeway guarantees the supply of all 18 L-amino acids for building proteins, critical for plant health.

Key features/crop benefits:

·         Stress defence – fitter with greater tolerance to abiotic stress

·         Higher rate of photosynthesis – higher metabolic efficiency

·         Enhanced nutrient uptake – healthier and can build yield for longer

·         Increased rooting – greater access to water and nutrients at depth

·         Promotes pollination and fruiting – builds yield and quality

For growers looking to maximise their crop’s income potential, there’s no better source of amino acids.