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¬BioCote comes from Leornadite and contains humic and fulvic acids. Naturally occurring humic acids contain over 60 different trace elements, bound to humic acid molecules in a form that can be readily utilised by various living organisms. The function of humic acids is important in ion exchange and chelating systems. It is a good source of energy and beneficial for soil organisms that must survive on residual carbon on or in the soil. Fulvic acid has a high exchange capacity, and its small molecular size enables it to readily enter plant roots, stems and leaves and carry trace minerals from plant surfaces to plant tissues. Fulvic acids are the most known effective carbon containing chelating compounds and are plant compatible and non-toxic.  BioCote is designed to keep nutrients for example phosphate, available to the soil system and protected from other reactions that assist nutrient lock up. It improves root development and nutrient uptake.