AminoA Gro
Nant yr Ochain,
Michaelston y Fedw,

A highly concentrated natural biostimulant and nutrient source

• AminoA GRO is an easy to use liquid natural amino acid complex formulated to be suitable for use in organic production systems

• AminoA GRO is obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis obtained using high quality, stringently selected sources

• AminoA GRO is a Class A fertiliser and meets all EU standards

• AminoA GRO meets Aminogram standardisation requirements and contains only fully absorbable L-α type amino acids.

High Nutritional Value

• AminoA GRO releases and reinforces different reactions in the plant's metabolism. Its mode of action has a similar effect to that of plant hormones and natural growth regulators.

• AminoA GRO also has a significant nutritional value which complements the main bio-stimulant effect.

• AminoA GRO is rich in fulvic acid which acts to stimulate root development and also, due to its low molecular weight, enhances the uptake of amino-acids by the plant.