AminoA Plus
Nant yr Ochain,
Michaelston y Fedw,


AminoA Plus is a water-soluble powder containing 86% amino acids and is suitable for use in a range of crops, including vegetables, fruits/orchards, flowers, vineyards, cereals, maize, OSR, sugar beet and potatoes.

AminoA Plus will stimulate many phases of the plants growth, so it is advised to target the applications at the growth stages that are key to the particular crop. For example, it is advised to apply to crops of seed/salad/crisping potatoes at tuber initiation for more tubers, but wait until tuber initiation has finished to apply in French fry varieties.

As a general principle use a split programme of 5 kg/ha in broadacre crops and up to 10 kg/ha in high value crops and 12 kg/ha in top fruit.