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Cerall® is a seed treatment for use against Tilletia tritici, Septoria nodorum and Fusarium spp. on wheat (seed), rye (seed) and triticale (seed).

Cerall® substantially reduces bunt (T. tritici), and controls seedling blights caused by Septoria nodorum and Fusarium spp.

Verified for use in organic production, this biofungicide is a useful addition to ICM strategies.

Based on the naturally occurring bacterium Pseudomonas chlororaphis MA 342, this product is applied to the seed before drilling.

The bacteria partially cover the seed surface at treatment. During germination, the bacteria multiply on the seeds and are present on the plant until the five-leaf stage, thereby providing long-term protection.

Cerall® can be applied in all commonly used seed treatment machines designed for continuous liquid treatment.

For further details, please contact Dr. Richard Binks, Technical Consultant (Hort & Agri), on 07881 206963, or rbinks@koppert.co.uk.