Delfin WG
9145 Guilford Road,
Suite 175,
MD 21046 USA

Delfin WG contains a naturally occurring Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki strain SA-11 that offers broad spectrum control of mixed worm populations in tree and vegetable crops. Delfin® WG is considered safe to non-target organisms with no negative effects against naturally occurring beneficial insects or introduced macro biologicals.

Key features and benefits:

• Rainfastness - Little or no loss if allowed to dry for 4 hours before rain or overhead irrigation

• Valuable mixing/rotational tool for resistance management •

• No effect on beneficial insects or predatory mites

• Non-toxic to humans, livestock and wildlife

• Most specific mode of action among all biological insecticides (target: caterpillars/ Lepidopteran pests)

• No toxic resides (No MRLs)

• Approved for use on an extensive range of crops

• Easy to store and stable for 24 months under room temperature