Exolium® Hoofclear
De Stater 32,
5737 RV Lieshout,

At Kanters you will find products to improve the health of your animals for every animal species and housing environment. Kanters offers animal care products and supplemental feed products that support and promote healthy animals, while also contributing to a significant reduction of antibiotics use. For ruminants, Kanters has developed the Exolium prevention protocol, a step-by-step plan that takes care of your cows’ hooves all year round. This plan comprises three different products to be used in different situations, for both group and individual application. We also have a broad focus on water hygiene, water management and liquid feed supplements. Water is the perfect medium to support animal health, as animals continue to drink at least twice as much as they eat when faced with challenging conditions. Our sustainable solutions ensure a significant reduction of antibiotics use.