Cattle Lick Salt Blocks
Hub Industrial Trading Estate,
90250 Pakistan

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Pure salt is moulded into blocks by manufacturers which is easy for cattle and others to lick and satisfy their needs. At Hub salt Premium quality Himalayan salt lick blocks are produced for your cattle and others. It is made from the Himalayan rock salt obtained from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan and contains traces of 84 essential minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and others. Not only do human beings need salt in their diet but animals need it as well. As we know the significance of salt for animals, because its deficiency can result in muscle cramps, a rough coat, lower feed intake, licking and chewing of random products, and decreased production. Dairy cows are the first to be affected by salt deficiency, and if left untreated for an extended period of time, they may collapse and die. Therefore, nowadays many people are using lick salt blocks for their animals’ proper growth, increased dairy production, and other benefits.


Below are some amazing benefits of salt licks for animals so that you can understand why our ancestors were so keen on providing their animals with them.

- Salt lick block which contains around 84 nutrients, can help your animals’ neurological systems develop. This will help their nerve impulses to flow more freely, resulting in a better response from your cattle, especially those you ride!

- Everyone wants their cattle to be the strongest but not everyone knows its secret which is obviously the Himalayan salt lick blocks. It maintains the electrolyte balance in the body and helps in muscular development. Thus, their productivity and efficiency are increased by stronger muscles.

- Dairy animals must have a proper salt intake to produce sufficient and good quality milk because the process of lactation consumes a lot of the body’s salt causing its deficiency. It has been found that dairy animals provided with salt lick blocks yield on average 12.8% more milk than before.

- If you are observing some weird behaviour in your cattle or animal like licking wood, chewing strange objects, and poor appetite. You should provide them with salt lick blocks as these are the symptoms of salt deficiency.

- Salt licks also play an important role in hardening the hooves of animals and giving a shiny look to their skin or fur.

- It also plays an important role in digestion in animals. Because the activation of amylase and the production of

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach both require chlorine.

- It also helps in increasing their feed intake and overcoming idleness and drowsiness because of excessive loss of

salt in hot and dry seasons.

- Salt Licks also aid in the rumen fermentation of animals.

- Cattle owners use it for their animals as it plays a significant role in gaining weight by animals, giving them a string

a bulky appearance.

- It also helps in the transportation of amino acids in the body which are the building blocks of proteins one of the essential macromolecules of living things.