Bio Eco Actual: 10 years of organic independent media

17th January 2024

Bio Eco Actual, the widely regarded publisher raising awareness about organic food, ethical consumption and sustainability, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Since May 2013, Bio Eco Actual has been a reference for the dissemination of independent and free information on organic food, natural cosmetics, and healthy lifestyle, with the aim of promoting responsible consumption and organic production.

To mark their ten year anniversary Bio Eco Actual have released a yearbook, free to download, with highlights from the organic sector in 2023 and the hottest trends for 2024. It offers a comprehensive overview of the organic landscape and delves into global organic market trends and challenges.

The Yearbook also examines the values and momentum of the EU’s organic movement, provides insights from industry leaders, highlights must-attend events, and explores the world of natural and organic cosmetics.

The digital edition is available to download.