Low Carbon Farming - Assessing Soil Health


9th March 2021 at 15.45-16.45

Low Carbon Agriculture 2021

Formerly the Energy & Rural Business show, and featuring the 12th annual Energy Now Expo, the event has rebranded, relocated and reasserted its focus to ensure that practical solutions to tackling climate change through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon initiatives and best practice in both environmental and carbon management, take centre stage.

The event will explore ways to address climate change through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon technology and best practice in both carbon and environmental land management.

On day one of the event, 9 March 2021, OF&G's Business development manager Steven Jacobs takes part in a discussion on farming soil health.

Chair: Liz Bowles, Associate Director Farming & Land Use, Soil Association


Chris Martin, Head of Soil & Precision Services, Agrovista UK Ltd. Topic: Assessing Soil Health Synopsis: Focuses on using key indicators to help make informed decisions for practically improving soil health.

Steven Jacobs, Organic Farmers & Growers Topic: The Organic Farming Business Synopsis: Organic farming is a farming system combining modern science and technology with traditional farming practices to maintain the long-term fertility of the soil and use less of the Earth's finite resources whilst producing high quality, nutritious food. Artificial fertilisers and pesticides are pretty much prohibited in organic systems because of their negative effects on soil life, the environment and food quality. This impacts on the field operations organic farmers use and the output they can realise. Forget the sandals and beard though, organic farming can deliver added value while also reducing variable costs. So, what is the reality?

John Cherry, Lannock Manor Farm Topic: No till farming

More details on this and the whole event programme - https://lowcarbonagricultureshow.co.uk/conference-programme/