Dairy Heifer Calves for sale

6th May 2022

Organic dairy heifer calves. 3 months old. Weaned. Out at grass. Trained to electric fence.
NZ Friesian/Kiwi Cross LIC sires. High fertility grazing type animals. Closed herd, free from BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Neospora. Very low Johnes risk. Pasteurised colostrum/milk. Vaccinated lungworm (Huskvac) and ringworm.
85 available. Select as required. Discount for quantity. Ready to move mid May.
Genuine surplus of high quality as a result of good results with sexed semen. Bred from top half of the herd and all to first insemination.

Contact name: Sam Thornley

Nearest town: Ross on Wye

County: Herefordshire