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Yes, we can. No, we can’t. Oh, yes we can…

Date Published: 04/06/2008

There are MANY well-worn debates that rage around organics, flaring up again from time to time. For instance, can we feed the world???

Every time we get some long-awaited piece of scientific evidence about the positives in organics, someone seems to find a way to try and knock it down or spoil the party. Take cows. Organics brings many benefits for their welfare, allows milk to be produced without the use of routine antibiotics and other chemical inputs – and then we get panned over methane. Someone comes along and says: “Ah yes, but organic cows produce more methane.” Unless we have hard data, how can we argue. What we don’t, as a sector, seem to be too good at so far is pulling all this info together.

However, there’s a great piece that’s been done by The Ecologist that does attempt to grab all of these threads and answer some of the arguments. It’s very upbeat and very encouraging. It should also be read (and perhaps kept for future reference) by anyone who finds themselves extolling/defending organics on a regular basis.

Just as would be done by big business (read ag chem companies) we need everyone ‘on message’, and this piece would be a good start…

10 reasons why organic can feed the world – The Ecologist