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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Date Published: 20/04/2011

To get to us, apparently!

The producer certification team has been keeping a tally of birds seen in our yard, attracted by our feeders. They had reached 30, up to yesterday…

They were, however, somewhat surprised when the number of species rose unexpectedly to 31 with the appearance of a rather fine cockerel at the door of their office.

They’re pretty sure it’s a rare breed Ixworth, though someone may be able to improve on that identification. Feel free to comment.

A bit of detective work revealed it was more than likely from a property over the (pretty darn fast) road that runs past here, so this is one chicken that really should have thought twice before crossing the road!

Possibly in the knowledge that they would be scoffed at for claiming a cockerel sighting without evidence, Katie whipped out her phone and grabbed this bit of video, removing any doubt that they had simply been having some kind of collective hallucination.