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What’s in a bag?

Date Published: 26/04/2007

Sainsburys has been all over the news because of the, frankly, mad rush by shoppers to get their hands on a new designer shopping bag at £5-a-pop.

simon shows off the OF&G jute bagApparently people have been queueing up outside stores from the early hours to get their hands on the limited supplies of this “must-have” accessory by designer Anya Hindmarch. And not just the bonkers fashionistas in London either, it’s even been happening here in leafy Shropshire [sorry, this link seems to have died since posting] it would seem.

What we at OF&G can’t understand is quite why. Especially when they could be lugging the weekly shop home in one of our very own stylish jute bags!

(Thanks to our Quality Systems Administrator, Simon, for agreeing to be in the cheesy photo)