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Organic? Never heard of it!

Date Published: 25/07/2012

Surveys telling us that some section of the populace doesn’t really ‘get’ what organics is about are not really much of a surprise any more.

That’s not to say they shouldn’t carry on being done though; we need our regular reminders that everyone needs to up their game if we are to stand a chance of better educating the sector’s potential customers.

The latest unpleasant findings come courtesy of Organic Centre Wales, which questioned a highly credible sample of 500 children in the country on their understanding of the term. The real downer from this work was that apparently half of them had never even heard of organic food. You can read more about the survey in this report from Wales Online.

That’s pretty shocking. It wouldn’t be a huge reach to assume most children had at least heard the term, especially in a country that has a greater percentage of its land under organic management than any other part of the UK.

This news doesn’t appear to have reached very far outside the Welsh press, unfortunately, but we think it carries a message the whole sector needs to hear – namely that it needs to step up its efforts with regard to educating consumers on the benefits of organic methods. It’s everyone’s responsibility, be they a producer, processor or retailer.

Organic Centre Wales is playing its part, with education programmes that it is trying to push out more widely to schools. But it’s incredible, especially given the many platforms that now exist for businesses to reach out, that we are still having this conversation after so many years.

If you are involved in any action that is aimed at educating shoppers and other customers on the benefits of organic food and farming (and we know you’re out there) please do let us know in the comments, with any relevant links to your work, because you might just inspire others to follow suit or at least spread your ideas on how to do it.