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Welly sales through the roof?

Date Published: 25/07/2007

Another show, another battle through the quagmire. These pictures (taken by Chief Exec, Richard) illustrate the trials of getting into the ground for the Royal Welsh Show.
Mud at the Royal Welsh
After queuing for two-and-a-half hours to get the assistance of one of the two tractors assigned to “drag ’em in” duty he was finally hauled across the mire to leave his car in the bog and get on with the day’s business.

The good news is that the show itself has been viewed by the OF&G team as the great spectacle they have become used to. Compare this to dire reports from the Royal, at Stoneleigh (for now), and you have to think that there are lessons to be learned from events such as the Royal Welsh!

Dragged into the showgroundRichard reports that despite the all pervasive mud the atmosphere was great and the weather made for a “Dunkirk spirit” in the showground.

And there’s praise to be heaped on Organic Centre Wales, and particularly its Carolyn Wacher, for putting on a great organic marquee, of which OF&G was proud to be a part.

Are you taking notes RASE?