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Welcome to our blog

Date Published: 26/04/2007

Organic Farmers & Growers logoWelcome to the OF&G weblog. We’ve always embraced technology and have our website at the core of our work. But websites are a bit rigid and don’t allow much in the way of dialogue – and let’s face it, when it comes to organics there’s plenty of “dialogue” to be had!

So the plan is this: we’ll post now and again about things that have caught our eye and we’d like to share, about issues and news surrounding organics and Organic Farmers & Growers and about anything we think you might find useful or interesting.

Posts could be by a variety of team members, including the Chief Exec, Richard, our highly knowledgeable team of Certification Officers and me (the PR guy).

But it’s not just all about us. The beauty of a blog is that it’s a two-way street, so your comments are welcome. Just click on the links at the end of each entry.

The chances are you’re reading this because you know about us or have already been to our main website (

If you don’t know who we are or what we do, check out the About Us page from the link on the right.

Let the blogging commence…