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We have wool!

Date Published: 21/10/2009

Another key step on the (long, slow and somewhat tortuous) route to our Certification Manager, Steve, getting his Farmers Weekly tractor jumper has been achieved.

The wool has arrived, courtesy of the lovely Juliet Morris at Ystrad Organics, who is also one of our Twitter friends.

Our resident knitter, Certification Officer Katie Owens, is gearing up to start this crucial piece of work. I believe, though, that a mini version is being completed first for Katie’s God son, which should be complete by next week.

It’s all getting quite exciting. Interestingly, the enquiries about getting copies of the pattern are still flowing in. It makes you wonder whether the FW team should be looking at getting an updated version done. They could probably double sales of the magazine for a week!

Here’s our wool, ready and waiting to be turned into the finest knitted creation OF&G will ever have seen…

Our organic wool from
Our organic wool from

We will, of course, keep you updated.