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Want a credit crunch banker on the farm?

Date Published: 26/02/2009

TV production company, Cheetah, as been in touch because they’re looking for a farmer who might like to give a few days work to a banker made redundant in the credit crisis. It seems the idea is to bring them face-to-face with the consequences of their industry’s actions – and maybe give them ideas on a new career…

Here’s the info. Contact Cheetah directly if you think you could help:

Cheetah TelevisionIs the credit crunch affecting your business?

Cheetah Television is making a pilot for a major British broadcaster about how the current financial crisis is affecting small businesses in the UK – in particular we are keen to feature a business from the agricultural sector.

•    Has your business seen changes since the credit crunch hit?
•    Do you have strong opinions about who/what is responsible for the downturn?
•    Perhaps you’ve been a successful business and you’re now worried about the future?

If this sounds like you, you want to have your say or you’d like to find out more we would love to hear from you.

Please call Rebecca in confidence on 020 8222 4245 or email