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This is who we are NOT

Date Published: 19/03/2009

Lots of people refer to us on their websites or in their publications, for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s the press, or a magazine article. Quite often it’s a licensee who is proudly highlighting the fact that they’ve achieved organic accreditation under our standards.

The trouble is people so often insist on adding words to our name. So we become “The Organic Farmers & Growers” or “Organic Farmers & Growers Association” or, inevitably, “The Organic Farmers & Growers Association”. Even stranger variations have been seen.

We’re not an association. We’re a company. We’re called Organic Farmers & Growers. Friends often call us simply ‘OF&G’.

Just a friendly reminder to anyone who cares to take it on board. It makes us feel better when people get it right.

That’s all. Thanks.

Posted via email from Organic Farmers & Growers