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The inspectors call

Date Published: 20/05/2009

Today we welcome to OF&G Towers the people who are out getting mud on their boots on our behalf – our inspectors.
They are the experts who know what to look for when a farmer or food processor wants to become, or remain, organic. At least once a year they cast their experienced eyes over the operations we certify and ensure that everything is exactly as it should be.
Their reports are sent in to our Certification Officers, who then follow-up on any non-compliances (things that aren’t be done to our satisfaction) before issuing the all-important certificate once they are happy that the rules are being followed to the letter. It’s a tough system, but for very good reason, and fairly administered.
It’s great to have the chance to meet up with the inspectors, get feedback on how we’re all getting on from their perspective, and share any updates that haven’t already been sent out in a bulletin.
So if you’re with us, you now have the pleasure of a little game: can I spot my inspector just by looking at the back of their head???

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