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The inevitable sunflower update

Date Published: 23/09/2009

The impartial observers among us are getting the distinct feeling that the great OF&G sunflower competition is all over bar the shouting.

Er, do you think we have a winner yet?
Er, do you think we have a winner yet?

The picture probably says it all. That fine specimen of a perfectly formed sunflower is the pride and joy of Certification Officer, Alex Patchett, who has nurtured it from seedling to strapping XX-footer.

The deliberate avoidance of giving a height there comes down to the fact that we are nearing ‘official’ measuring time, when the man with the tape will give his final verdict (this week or next depending on when he can be bothered or is actually working from the office instead of a train).

Given the sorry state of some of the other entrants, you’d have to say things are looking good for Alex, but after a nail-biting summer it will be a relief to all to have an official verdict and chance to name-checkĀ  the runners-up (politically correct speak for ‘the losers’).

It’s not clear at the moment whether there will be another seasonal event to harness the competitive spirit that bursts forth from OF&G Towers, but somehow a poinsettia growing contest in time for Christmas just doesn’t have the same kind of unbridled drama…