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The great OF&G sunflower battle – the results are in!

Date Published: 07/09/2012

A bit of a tradition has developed among the team here to pit the greenness of their fingers against one another and see who can coax the best sunflower from a seed.

When we say ‘best’, generally we’re looking for height. It seems to be the most fair measure of success. Today the measuring took place and we have a winner.

However, there’s more to a sunflower than its stem, so we decided (at the very last minute) to have a special category for best flower as well. That’s not without controversy, because some have flowered at different times and gone past their best. So, in the best tradition of the judge’s decision being final, it’s been declared that the winner of that category must be the plant with the overall best looking flower as of the end of the competition, today. Honestly, these things are never straightfoward!

Without further ado, it can be revealed that the winning sunflower was grown by [insert drum roll here]… producer certification officer, Nicola Mason!

Nicola’s sunflower is apparently known affectionately as ‘Hector’ and stands at a whopping 2.17 metres. Here he (!?!) is:

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you ‘Hector’ the award-winning sunflower, grown by producer CO, Nicola.

Of course, fine as ‘he’ is in stature, Hector wouldn’t win any prizes for his measly, only-just-daring-to-begin-opening flower.

So, the accolade for best flower goes to the entry (which he couldn’t be bothered to name – spoilsport!) from another of the producer CO’s [same drum roll, if you have the breath left]… Roy Lawford.

And here it is:

This fine specimen should brighten any day. Well done to Roy, who achieved quality over quantity!

Congratulations to Nicola and Roy. Here’s the rest of the list to round things out, based on height (not including the useless effort of producer CO, Alex Patchett, which was so pathetic we didn’t bother to measure it):

  • 2nd place: Processor CO, Ruth Lamb – 2.07 metres
  • 3rd place: Office Manager, Angela Norman – 1.91 metres
  • 4th place: Quality Systems Assistant, Lorraine Pickering – 1.75 metres
  • 5th place: Processor CO, Katie Owens – 1.55 metres
  • 6th place: Roy Lawford – 1.24 metres

And there you have it. Everyone have a safe drive home. Thank you for coming… and gooooodnight.