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Talking turkey

Date Published: 31/12/2007

Just on the cusp of the New Year I think there’s still time for some seasonal stories – and fortunately they seem to be good news:

A couple of items in Meat Trades Journal caught the eye. Firstly it seems that while Waitrose sent £10 vouchers to customers likely to be disappointed when the store’s turkey suppliers were hit by AI, 80% of those customers (1,000 people) returned them requesting that they be passed on to the farmers affected. Wow! That’s kind of mind-blowing and suggests that shoppers (at least those of the Waitrose variety) haven’t entirely lost touch with, or sympathy for, the farming community. Fingers crossed the ten grand makes it to Gressingham Foods nice and early in 2008…

Also noteworthy on the turkey theme is the MTJ’s reported fact that Marks & Sparks shifted 40% more organic turkeys this year compared to last. That doesn’t tell us anything about the actual figures (or, actually, even whether M&S offered organic turkeys last year!) but it sounds like the kind of healthy growth we want to see.

So that’s us signing-off for 2007. Happy New Year from all at OF&G.