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Wake Up To Organic

Get involved with Wake Up To Organic 2017

Last year, Wake Up To Organic saw 2,000 free organic breakfasts given out at 70 events. On social media, there were over 3,000 tweets using #WakeUpToOrganic on the day with a reach of 3 million. And this year, the Organic Trade Board has announced that Wake Up To Organic will be even bigger with over […]

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Organic sales

The rising tide of organic in the UK

Organic food sales in the UK have been rising for several years now and this week has seen reports directly from major multiple retailers and the Soil Association all reporting significant sales growth. The SA report shows a 7.1% growth in the organic food market while Tesco are reporting increases having amounted to 15% in […]

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OF&G initiative offers support to Wales’ growing organic sector

Organic producers in Wales are being given an extra boost to help develop the country’s growing organic sector thanks to a new initiative from certification body OF&G. OF&G Cymru will offer exclusive support to OF&G’s farmer members in Wales thanks to a team of dedicated staff who will help producers in the region. The team […]

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More organic pasties to enjoy!

Some very uplifting news comes to us today from licensee, Jones Organic, makers of organic pasties and pies. Business is good and the firm has now signed a lease to take on new premises which allows it to double its baking and refrigeration capacity. While the business is proudly based in Bridgend, South Wales, increased […]

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Consumer expectations ‘too high’

Interestingly, following on from the last post, a new Defra-backed report has emerged which suggests that shoppers have a perception of organic food and farming that is beyond the practical requirements of the regulations. The study, carried out by the University of Exeter, reports an ‘expectations gap’ between the reality of production and processing and […]

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FSA shrugs off French organic study

Somewhat strangely, the Food Standards Agency has felt the need to publicly dismiss the findings of a French study that called into question its own recently published and controversial report. The FSA-funded research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine made the claim that organic food was no more nutritious than non-organic. This […]

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Standing behind the pledge

OrganicUK is an extremely important initiative to bring this country’s organic sector businesses together to properly communicate what organic stands for. OF&G has been firmly behind the project from very early days, to the point where we were the first certifier to commit financially to the project. Now we’re encouraging every organic-related business to get […]

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French find what FSA missed?

There’s an interesting study on organic food, including nutrition, that seems to run counter to the report published a few weeks ago on behalf of the Food Standards Agency. The French Agency for Food Safety (AFSSA) begs to differ with the findings that proved so controversial in this country. You can view the report, led […]

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Guide flying off the virtual shelf

Just a brief update to note that downloads of our Guide to Organic Certification: Food Processing stand at exactly 400 at the time of writing. That’s quite a neat milestone, don’t you think? In addition to that we’ve sent copies of the printed (and satisfyingly heavyweight) version all over the UK and around the world. […]

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