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Sustain membership helps bring organic food concerns to Brexit discussions

Date Published: 22/03/2017

OF&G is continuing its efforts to ensure organic food and farming’s concerns are on the table during Brexit negotiations by becoming a member of leading lobby group Sustain.

Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, advocates food and agricultural policies which enhance animal and public health and welfare, improve the environment and promote equity.

OF&G’s membership of the prestigious organisation – whose membership includes leading retailers, food groups and universities – is an important step in our continued efforts to unite the organic sector’s voice ahead of Brexit negotiations.

Steven Jacobs, OF&G’s business development manager, attended Sustain’s latest discussion on Brexit and trade earlier last month.

“Sustain works with a wide number of businesses and organisations spanning the entire food, farming and food policy sectors, so since joining OF&G has been working hard to inform its members of how Brexit might impact organic food and farming,” he said.

“To fully understand how leaving the EU could impact the food sectors in the UK, Sustain is running a series of expert round tables which will help everyone’s understanding of the parameters of the Brexit negotiations.”

The latest discussion OF&G attended on World Trade showed that there are a significant number of challenges which really need government focus, Mr Jacobs said.

“The UK hasn’t had to do much in terms of negotiations in the past because it’s been left to the EU, but what we are coming to realise is that any trade agreements won’t be agreed simply.

“Trade negations are complex, based on very fixed principles and their success will be based on understanding very specific nuances.

“It’s clear that to be successful, the organic sector has to build alliances across the entire food network, which is what our membership of Sustain will help to do.”

OF&G will be attending regular meetings with Sustain and its members over the coming months, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress as we go.