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Sunflowers. It’s getting serious.

Date Published: 21/05/2009

There’s more going on with this sunflower competition than was at first apparent! It has gone beyond popping a seed in a pot and, well, waiting. It seems there’s been some over-enthusiastic pot decorating going on.

Despite the suggestion, moments ago on Twitter, from Caroline at Farmers Weekly that there should be a prize for best decorated pot, there isn’t and it seems most haven’t bothered. But that hasn’t stopped Ruth and Joanna in our Processing Department from getting a bit competitive.

I present the evidence:

Decorated sunflower pots - whatever next?

Ruth is particularly pleased with herself because her sticker “can be removed and put on a bigger pot” when her pride and joy grows a bit more. Seriously – she just said it in my office. I now expect Joanna to come up with something like a multimedia flower pot for her next effort, just to stay ahead…

This could get messy.