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Sunflower fanaticism – an update

Date Published: 03/09/2009

Given that we’re getting more feedback about our sunflower competition and the knitting of a jumper than anything else posted on this blog, I thought you’d better have an update on the current state of affairs in the former.

Sunflower competition - the latest state of play
Sunflower competition - the latest state of play

This is the very latest photograph, taken in just the last half hour. I’m no horticultural expert, but I guess the state of play won’t have altered much in that time…

The clear leader is still CO, Alex Patchett. You can see his entry over towards the right of the pic. I’ve avoided using the term ‘new boy’ about Alex again there (well, sort of) because he’s actually now a fully-fledged, qualified and let loose on the organic world certification officer. That alone deserves our congratulations, but I suspect, given how things have been going on the feedback front, that he’ll be earning more kudos for his growing prowess than his ability to assess an inspection report!

Apparently Lorraine, one of our quality systems admins, is done and dusted as far as our competition is concerned. Her somewhat stunted effort has apparently reached its terminal height and is good now only for harvesting and certainly not for contesting the most hotly fought sunflower growing competition this side of the River Severn.

Of course, at the end of the slightly tortuous process there has to be a victor. I hope the excitement among the contestants isn’t flaring too fiercely because I’m told the 2009 champion shouldn’t be expecting to walk away with a new car and a lifetime supply of booze as their reward!